Helping Christian Move (Jan-2003)

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1611-11611-01 (lost: move007.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire at the self-storage place, getting the furniture and the oven onto the truck.
(Saturday 04-Jan-2003 12:53)

1611-21611-02 high-res image
Joan Steward, Steffnee Peterman, and Christian's finger.
(Saturday 04-Jan-2003 12:53)

1611-31611-03 high-res image
Steffnee Peterman (Speterman).
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 14:02)

1611-41611-04 (lost: move002.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire.
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 14:03)

1611-51611-05 (lost: move003.jpg)
Steffnee Peterman doing a happy dance. AVI movie available (2.6 MB)
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 14:19)

Christian B. McGuire sweeping out the garage. AVI movie showing Christian in action (3.1 MB).
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 14:30)

1611-71611-07 (lost: move005.jpg)
Tadao, Steffnee.
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 15:05)

1611-81611-08 high-res image
Steffnee's Roommate.
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 15:13)