Ad Astra 2003 (Mar-2003)

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Thanks to Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink for caption help on this page.

1610-11610-01 (lost: astra011.jpg)
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink at table. (Mar-2003)

Jerome Scott mans table w alien2. (Mar-2003)

1610-31610-03 (lost: astra013.jpg)
the table day1. (Mar-2003)

1610-41610-04 (lost: astra014.jpg)
Pre party meeting. Grant Millard, Yvonne Penney, John Hall, Gordon Klein-Lebbink, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink, Lloyd Penney. (Mar-2003)

1610-51610-05 (lost: astra015.jpg)


1610-71610-07 (lost: astra017.jpg)
goh David Brin. (Mar-2003)

Jerome Scott and Inger. (Mar-2003)

1610-91610-09 (lost: astra019.jpg)
The toys, the toys. (Mar-2003)

1610-101610-10 (lost: astra020.jpg)

1610-111610-11 (lost: astra021.jpg)