Jukebox Server (Mar/Apr-2003)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

1602-11602-01 high-res image
The "Jukebox Server" perched high atop the entertainment center. (Those doors open up to reveal the stereo, television, cable box, DVD/VCR, videos, and so forth.) I haven't decided exactly where the Jukebox Server is going to reside permanently. Clearly it's impractical to keep it seven feet off the ground when I'm trying to get it ready -- I had to stand on that wooden chair in the foreground in order to get to the keyboard. We don't necessarily have to have a monitor for the unit if we have a TV OUT jack on our VGA card, though. Keeping the computer inside the cabinet may not be such a good idea when the cabinet is closed up because it may overheat.
(Sunday 30-Mar-2003)

1602-21602-02 high-res image
Working on the Jukebox Server. I've opened up the machine and plugged in the new hard drive. (Currently it's not mounted properly - it's dangling from the cable, resting on a little white cup.) The stack of CD-Roms at right are part of a collection (more than 150) containing MP3 files encoded from every single audio cd in our CD collection. (The plastic cases contain 4 discs each, you can see that the top one contains #133-136.) The blue notebook on top of the computer contains printouts showing what's on each of those CD-Roms. You can see on screen that XMMS is running (a functional Linux equivalent of Winamp), and you can see a piece of a terminal window where I'm monitoring the file copying. (You can see the CD drive's light is on.) The black notebook with "Tux the Penguin" contains my technical notes on the project. The stack of manuals in the back should be self-explanatory...
(Friday 25-Apr-2003)