Who Created This Scarf? (Apr-2003)

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1582-91582-09 high-res image
I bought this scarf at a convention a while back. It might have beenWindycon. I don't remember who I bought it from. It's not the work of Darlene P. Coltrain or Amy Proni -- both have checked out these pictures and disavow it.

1582-01 (lost: scarf1.jpg), 1582-02 (lost: scarf2.jpg), 1582-03 (lost: scarf3.jpg), 1582-04 (lost: scarf4.jpg), 1582-05 (lost: scarf5.jpg), 1582-06 (lost: scarf6.jpg), 1582-07 (lost: scarf7.jpg), 1582-08 (lost: scarf8.jpg).
I didn't remember who the artist was, but I'm convinced that this glyph in the corner is her mark. Can anyone tell me which orientation is right-way-up?