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1631-11631-21631-01, 1631-02.
Different storage racks for sale at Costco.
(Monday 19-Aug-2002)

Creating a framework with PVC pipe.
(Monday 26-Aug-2002 00:31 Mon)

1631-41631-04 high-res image
A man and his art car "Marauder."
(Wednesday 04-Sep-2002 21:52 Wed)

1631-05 high-res image, 1631-06.
Big flat-screen display at the Tustin branch of Washington Mutual. Nobody has noticed the Windows error message in the middle of it.
(Friday 13-Sep-2002 16:38 Fri)

Someone didn't leave much room for my little white truck..
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(Thursday 19-Sep-2002 19:24)

A lot of Fed Ex trucks, which have blocked in my little Toyota pick-up. Good thing I don't leave right after 5 o'clock comes around.
(Friday 20-Sep-2002 17:13 Fri)

1631-91631-09 high-res image
Muppet slippers at Wal-Mart. Kermit, Elmo, Cookie Monster, etc.
(Sunday 22-Dec-2002 18:40)

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