Eric's Picture Gallery: Ad Astra 2002 (Feb-2002)

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Thanks to Lloyd Penney for caption help on this page.

1605-11605-01 high-res image
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink, Lloyd Penney.

1605-21605-02 high-res image
Lloyd Penney.

1605-03 high-res image, 1605-10 high-res image.
Yvonne Penney.

1605-41605-04 high-res image
Yvonne Penney, Lloyd Penney.

1605-05, 1605-06 high-res image, 1605-07 high-res image.
Jerome Scott, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.

1605-81605-08 high-res image
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.

1605-91605-09 high-res image
L.A. in 2006 Space Cadets party at Ad Astra. Gordon Klein-Lebbink at left, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink at desk, lady on the couch.