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California Grill, view from outside and inside the building.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 7:59p, 8:17 pm)

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(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:32)

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(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:35)

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The cook is working on another batch of cinnamon rolls. Lots of butter goes in them.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:36)

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(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:39)

Mackinac Island Fudge. I hear someone wants to put a Worldcon bid on Mackinac Island...
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(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:56)

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(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:57)

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Texas World's Biggest and Best Donuts. Soft serve ice cream... and the Deep Fried Snickers Bar. We looked all over the fair for the Deep Fried Snickers Bar, and this is where we found it. Not far from the exit, actually. We didn't buy one; their sample looked pretty nasty.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 19:29)

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