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1453-11453-01 high-res image
Russian (Ukrainian?) nesting dolls and stuff.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:20)

1453-21453-02 high-res image
Discovery Toys.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:21)

1453-03 high-res image, 1453-04 high-res image.
That old fair standby, the "Personality Analysis" machine with lots of blinky lights: the "Televac 86000 Personality Computer." Note to the less-geeky in the audience: Motorola has a 68000-series of microprocessors, and Intel has a '86 series (8086, 286, 386, 486, etc.) of chips as well; and, once upon a time, mainframe computers had names like Eniac and Univac and so forth; and mainframe computers had blinky lights to show the status of the address registers, data registers, and so forth. There would be a "lamp test" that would turn them all on... on some of the later machine with hundreds of lights, they'd come on one bank at a time, but that's not important right now. The point is, the "handwriting analysis" system uses the trappings of classic mainframe computers (and 1980's-era microcomputer chip model numbers) to try to evoke a high-tech appeal... the funny thing is, so many people own personal computers these days, it now has a "retro" feel to it, instead of a "modern higeh-tech" look. And, if it was a real system and not just a randomizer, the software would be available to plug into your PC and hook up your scanner to...
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:21)

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Pfaff sewing machines.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:22)

1453-06, 1453-07 high-res image.
Lynn Baden with her new earrings, looking at the wares.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:23)

1453-81453-91453-08, 1453-09.
Tupperware for sale.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:29)

"PVA Smart Sponge." And a two-liter Diet Coke bottle on the counter.
(Saturday 27-Jul-2002 20:33)

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