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1300-11300-01 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire with some papers and a look of determination , and Jerome Scott in the background right.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 16:57)

1300-21300-02 high-res image
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink on the upper level.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 16:58)

1300-03, 1300-04 high-res image.
Peggy Little, studying her book "Crime Lab: A Guide for Nonscientists."
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 17:00)

1300-51300-05 high-res image
Shaun Lyon, Ed Green in the background, Craig Miller.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 17:02)

1300-71300-07 high-res image
Craig Miller.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 17:39)

Christian B. McGuire.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 17:40)

Brett Achorn, Bob Null. Drew in the background.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 17:41)

1300-101300-10 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire, Craig Miller, Brett Achorn, Bob Null, Drew (obscured).
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 18:45)

View of the meeting. Elayne Pelz, Sandy Cohen in foreground, Genny Dazzo in black recliner, Fuzzy Niven, Shaun Lyon on couch in background, Kimberlee Brown in red, Jim Briggs, and Elizabeth at the end of the couch in the background.
(Sunday 15-Sep-2002 18:46)

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