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Thanks to Ben Massoglia, Kenneth Brady, Selina Phanara, Tristan Anderson for caption help on this page.

1242-11242-01 high-res image
Janis Olson, little Baby Olson, and Glen Olson.
(Thursday 01-Aug-2002)

1242-21242-02 high-res image
Twixx in a white shirt gives a "thumbs-up" at his unexpected birthday cake, Pearl Newton in background, Susan Gleason ("Dr. Arizona") at left keeping him from running away.
(Thursday 01-Aug-2002)

Jeremy and AzLynnJeremy and AzLynn
1242-13 (lost: solle783.jpg), 1242-14 (lost: solle784.jpg).
Jeremy Bloom, AzLynn Berry.
(Thursday 01-Aug-2002)

1242-51242-05 high-res image
Selina Phanara.
(Thursday 01-Aug-2002)

1242-06 high-res image, 1242-07 high-res image, 1242-08 high-res image.
The Newton sisters: Pearl Newton, Wendy Newton.
(Thursday 22-Aug-2002)

1242-09 high-res image, 1242-12.
Tristan Anderson and Kathy Jean Lewis. Kathy asks "Why is this guy taking my picture?" and Tristan responds "Relax and just go with it. Chaz always takes pictures of the new folks. You should see his amazing site." They were married on 01-Mar-2003.
(Thursday 22-Aug-2002)

Kathy Jean Lewis. On 01-Mar-2003, she married Tristan.
(Thursday 22-Aug-2002)

1242-111242-11 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden.
(Thursday 22-Aug-2002)

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