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1190-11190-01 high-res image
Sign at the hotel leading to wedding ceremony.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:34)

Wedding ceremony.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:36)

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darcee golden, escorted by someone.
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(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:36)

1190-41190-04 high-res image
Wedding ceremony.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:37)

Wedding ceremony.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:42)

1190-61190-06 high-res image
End of ceremony.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:58)

1190-71190-07 high-res image
Rabbi leaves.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 15:58)

1190-81190-08 high-res image
Rabbi who officiated.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 16:02)

Clare Lasby.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 16:09)

Clare Lasby, Matthew B. Tepper.
(Sunday 18-Aug-2002 16:10)

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