Crosbys and Friends Part 8 (Jul/Aug-2002)

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1188-11188-01 high-res image
Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby, in Colleen's cubicle.
(Friday 26-Jul-2002 11:40)

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Shawn Crosby watching as Colleen Crosby writes on the sidewalk with chalk, and then brushes off her hands.
(Sunday 04-Aug-2002 19:58)

"Campfire Marshmallows: The Original Food" tin on a high shelf at Lucille's BBQ.
(Sunday 04-Aug-2002 20:25)

Shawn's "H-Wing" car in the parking lot.
(Sunday 04-Aug-2002 21:58)

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Elizabeth Baird, at Shawn and Colleen's house.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 18:09)