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"LA in 2006 parties ROCKED!" [Karen "Gandalara"

"Were those guys professional actors? Or real soldiers sent back in time?" [James J. Walton

"Who knows but it was the most fun I've had in a long, long time! I especially loved the scientist. <giggle> I'm going to scaaan yooouur brrrrain noow. <giggle>" [Cherri Munoz

"The Space Cadet party was a riot! ... The Space Cadet theme was the funniest I have seen in a very long time. Here are some pictures we took." [Debbie Lentz

"It sure was! One of the highlights of the con for me. You all have so much imagination, it's scary. :)" [Denise Ruth

"For me, that's what science fiction is all about -- imagination! I would expect nothing less from a scifi con. :-)" [Kay Brenner, 10-Sep-2002

"Well, then my imagination must be sorely lacking, because what they accomplished exceeded anything my poor brain could ever expect or come up with! <g>" [Denise Ruth

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Michael Reed, and someone else (Bobbi King?).
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Michael Reed, Debbie Lentz.

Michael Reed giving weapons instructions to Evelyn Baker of Ontario, Canada.

Debbie Lentz gets her brain scanned by "Dr. Schnitzen-Gruber" (Shawn Crosby).

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