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Brenda Daverin, Bob Daverin.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:42)

Poster in the back corridors of the Fairmont. It reads "Service Plus* Organización de Aprendizaje de Fairmont - Mi Objetivo - Crear experiencias WOWs, que serán inolvidables para todos los huéspedes de mi hotel. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts - WOW - Preeminencia sin rival."
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:49)

Steve Davies, and Langford's Hugo.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:55)

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Geri Sullivan, Steve Davies, Giulia De Cesare, Moshe Feder.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:55)

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Tammy Coxen.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:56)

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Pat McMurray at left, Tom Becker with arms folded, and Julian Warner at right shaking hands with Pat. Craig Macbride in background is bending down to listen to Karen Babcock (obscured).
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:57)

Tom Becker wearing a black Potlatch t-shirt with arms folded.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 00:57)

Tom Atkinson.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 01:00)

The sign on the 20th floor that says "Con Suite" has been turned upside down, so the arrow now points down in the general direction of the Crystal Ballroom Con Suite Dead Dog Party on the 2nd floor.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 01:04)

Michele Jaye Solomon, Ann Totusek.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 01:07)

Anne KG Murphy.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 01:58)

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Tammy Coxen, and Ben Liberman.
(Tuesday 03-Sep-2002 01:58)

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