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Nicki Lynch, Richard Lynch in the CFG dead-dog party.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 22:29)

1174-41174-04 high-res image
Sign on Ballroom Level pointing towards Crystal Ballroom, which is where the Con Suite has been relocated.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 23:45)

1174-51174-05 high-res image
This man is holding a chainmail bikini top, which is made from keyrings. He also has a small collection of Polaroids taken of people wearing it.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 23:46)

1174-61174-06 high-res image
Kevin Standlee wearing a silly hat.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 23:46)

1174-71174-07 high-res image
Lisa Hayes.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 23:46)

1174-81174-08 high-res image
John Cornetto, and someone else in a blue tie-dye shirt wearing a cap with his back turned, in the Crytal Ballroom. There is about a palletload of Coca-Cola behind them, which was for sale at $1/flat until they dropped the price to $0 - carry away as much as you can. You can also see a mountain of Diet Sprite behind someone in white shorts at right, and a similar huge stack of Diet Coke behind John at left.
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(Monday 02-Sep-2002 23:47)

1174-91174-09 high-res image
Alexander Von Thorn, wearing a "Torcon 3 Programming" hard hat.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 23:47)

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