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Thanks to Andy Trembley, Damien Warman, Matthew Mishalak for caption help on this page.

1173-01 high-res image, 1173-02 high-res image.
Colleen Crosby, David Milano. Colleen has Thighs of Power, and is using them to deflate the rockets.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 15:24)

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Matthew Mishalak, dressed in the uniform of the Goth Marching Band. (He's got a Kristi Smart coat on.) He's in the hall on the 19th floor, among a great deal of the equipment and material and supplies from the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon bid parties. We got everything out of the suites, and we're in the process of moving it down to my pickup truck and to Elizabeth and Jerome's room on the 9th floor to go home in the rental truck.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 19:28)

1173-41173-04 high-res image
Eric Larson.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 22:05)

1173-51173-05 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Eric Larson]
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 22:05)

1173-61173-06 high-res image
Someone with a whirly toy or two, in the CFG dead dog party.
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(Monday 02-Sep-2002 22:26)

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Damien Warman in a "Let's Do It Again! Melbourne in '10" t-shirt, and Juliette Woods.
(Monday 02-Sep-2002 22:28)

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