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The "airlock" around the door to the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid party suite.
(Sunday 01-Sep-2002 13:06)

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"The parties were so good, even the signs slumped to the ground." This illustrated out a drawback to the "cling sheet" approach to signage. The Avery Cling Sheets will stay on the wall if they're left alone, or if you write on them, or if about one sign is taped to them. But when a whole bunch of signs are taped up, the sheet can't hold up the weight. The static friction is overcome by the gravitational pull.
(Sunday 01-Sep-2002 13:07)

"Clamato y Tequila - Prepárate uno." I saw this when I was driving around town, buying some extra diet soda. I translate the second line as "Prepare yourself." I'd seen a previous Clamato billboard last year which said "Clamato y Cerveza - Ya los mezclaste?" which I believe means "Are you man enough?"
(Sunday 01-Sep-2002 14:13)

Espana Sheriff posted a message on my message board that says: Actually "Preparate uno" means "make yourself one" and "Ya los mezclaste?" means "have you mixed them yet"-I think I prefered your versions, though :)

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Sunday afternoon I received a call from Pomeranz, asking if we had a spare ice chest to loan the Hugo Awards. This young lady (Christina?) came up, finished her sandwich, and took away one of the LASFS coolers with a promise that someone would make sure it got onto the Art Show truck back to the club.
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(Sunday 01-Sep-2002 15:08)

Christian B. McGuire.
(Sunday 01-Sep-2002 23:39)

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