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1156-11156-01 high-res image
Raechel Henderson Moon. Her name didn't fit on her badge, which just said "Raechel Henderson Moo."
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 15:50)

1156-21156-02 high-res image
Victoria Mendez.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 16:01)

1156-31156-03 high-res image
Maze laid out on floor of "Fanspace" area.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 16:04)

1156-04 high-res image, 1156-05 high-res image.
A whole mess of inflatable toys to play with. First photo: Various fans, including one fan sitting in the red tube thing consulting his palm, and a boy in orange at right. Second photo: Gabrielle with the pink hair at foreground left, and Tammy in red -- two of the many kids playing with the inflatable aliens and other critters on loan from Minicon.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 11:42, 16:05)

1156-61156-06 high-res image
Lenny Bailes.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 18:51)

1156-71156-07 high-res image
Nigel Rowe.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 18:52)

1156-81156-08 high-res image
I was on the trolley between the convention center and the hotel, and there was about a dozen identically-dressed young ladies in these colorful outfits. They may have been a dance troupe of some sort.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 20:20)

1156-91156-09 high-res image
Scott Martin, Colleen Crosby, Michael Reed, and Graden are gathered outside "Johnny Rockets."
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 20:27)

1156-101156-10 high-res image
The bouncer at Katie Blooms is wearing an "Attack of the Clones Episode II" t-shirt. (Is it a bootleg? It doesn't say Star Wars which I find a little suspicious.) He's examining the card Shawn gave him, which has a photo of his "H-Wing" car.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 20:29)

1156-111156-11 high-res image
A little yellow ducky at the Korean place we ate at.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 21:22)

Carolyn Kephart.
(Thursday 29-Aug-2002 21:27)

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