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Parked near the Fairmont. I took this picture so I could remember where I parked - the meter's only good for 2 hours.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 15:28)

Elevator buttons on 9th floor of Fairmont. Note that the lower button has an arrow pointing down, while the upper button points up and to the right.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 16:25)

We had a simple door treatment, with white tileboard, green duct tape, and yellow and purple plastic hanging. Unfortunately for tall people, the sign over the door was partially obscured by the pipe. And with the light over the door placed where it was, the only way it would work for the sign to be in front would be to have a small spotlight directed at the sign - and we didn't bring any small spotlights.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 22:03)

The "Macarooned in Real Time" party is ready. That was L.A. in 2006's salute to Con José Guest of Honor Vernor Vinge, author of the books "Peace War" and "Marooned in Real Time." We held this party on Wednesday night, the night before the convention started. The only other party that night was the "U.K. in 2005" party, which was for Friends of the Bid and by invitation.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 22:03)

We've opened the party, but this side room hasn't filled up. In this room, we have moved one of the beds out of the way (its frame is against the wall, covered in the light blue fabric), and we've brought in lots of extra chairs and stools. The balloons each have a plastic toy soldier, to represent the "Peace War" situation where soldiers and military bases were encased in force fields. There's a wooden crate in the corner, marked "Vandeberg Bananas" and full of banana muffins.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 22:03)

1152-61152-06 high-res image
The party is hopping. There's activity at the bid table in the back of the room. Some of the balloons, inflated with helium, are on the ceiling, some of them have difted down to table level.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 22:04)

Pat Larson has either magnetic blinky light earrings, or soap bubbles - I don't know which, but she's showing them to someone eating a banana muffin.
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(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 22:04)

John Pomeranz.
(Wednesday 28-Aug-2002 22:12)

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