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Material for the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid Parties to be held at Con José. At left is a heavy-duty rack in a box (you can see the drawing of what it will look like assembled), with two small carpets on top. (We intended to use the carpets to catch drips and save the suite's carpet. We needed four or five of them six times as big...) In the big green rectangular duffle bag is a roaster oven which we didn't actually use. Behind that is a folding 5-foot table. The black and red carrying tube in front of the stack of bins contains the roll-up banner. The blue-lid flip-top bins contain various food and supplies - you can see a small jar of peanut butter in the right-hand corner of the top bin. I don't remember what was in the box marked "Fragile" on top of the red-lid bins.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002)

The big blue chair was used in the Medlab. The Moving Message Sign was part of the airlock contraption, the tall tubular thing is the bubble lamp from the Medlab. There's a white ice chest in the background, up on one end, and the two duffle bags contain various toy weaponry for the Armory. All the PVC pipes at right are part of the airlock. The #10 cans of chili and nacho cheese sauce were not served either, and in fact most of them were returned to Smart and Final the week after the convention. (We were going to heat everything up in crockpots and bring the hot crockpots into the party room, but we ran out of time, space, and people.) The cardboard boxes in the background contain additional props for the parties. Incidentally, the little red car across the street is Elizabeth's Miata, which I had the pleasure of driving the night after we got back in order to assist in dropping the rental truck off at the U-Haul place. (3:51p)

Sherri Benoun and Tadao Tomomatsu figure out what to load next. The jumbo rental truck is in the background. All of the Con José Art Show materials on loan from LASFS are already on board, as is all of the soda purchased for the parties. The truck is here at the house in order to load up all of the mail-in art, and all of the bid stuff goes in last (and will be taken off first and stashed in Elizabeth and Jerome's room at the Fairmont).
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 15:52)

Sherri, Chaz Boston Baden, Michael Mason, Greg Bilan, and Tadao Tomomatsu, getting all of those #10 cans of food onto the truck. This was heartbreaking, in that we didn't actually serve the hot food at the party... We learned, later, that the ASFA suite was actually serving food in catering-style chafing dishes (with the little sterno heaters).
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:33)

Genny is loadmistress for the day, figuring out how to pack everything in so it'll all fit. Craig looks on.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:38)

Tony helps secure something while Genny Dazzo stands and watches. Craig talks to Michael Mason and Tadao Tomomatsu over on the sidelines.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:39)

Tony and Genny are still messing with stuff on the truck. Craig Miller holds up his little rolling cart, which he keeps in his car's trunk. I want one of these...
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:39)

The crew takes a break. Susan Gleason at left with Greg Bilan, Michael Mason with his hands on his knees, Tadao Tomomatsu with tape gun, and camera-shy Sherri Benoun.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:39)

Chaz Boston Baden, in a borrowed cap.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:40)

1151-91151-09 high-res image
Susan Gleason with her gopher, and Craig Miller playing.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:52)

1151-101151-10 high-res image
Susan Gleason and gopher, Tadao Tomomatsu shutting his trunk lid.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:52)

1151-111151-11 high-res image
Susan Gleason and her gopher.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2002 16:53)

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