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I drove to San Jose to take pictures of the Fairmont Hotel's suites.

1145-11145-01 high-res image
The King bed is 75" wide and 85" long. The King bed in the suite is constructed such that it can be removed. I've placed a notebook under one leg of the bed to illustrate that it can be lifted up. The nightstands to the left and right of the bed are slightly different sizes. One of them is 26"x18.5", the other is 25"x18".
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

Furniture in the King room. The chest of drawers is 55" wide by 18.5" deep. The unit with the television on top is 35.5" wide by 23.5" deep.
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

1145-31145-03 high-res image
The walk-in closet in the King room. The photograph doesn't do it justice - it's a good-sized closet. Not visible: to the right is a well-lighted vanity.
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

1145-41145-04 high-res image
Part of the palatial bathroom in the suite.
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

1145-51145-05 high-res image
The King room, view from next to the bed. I didn't measure the table.
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

The King room, view from near the connecting door.
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

The King room, view from by the window.
(Saturday 03-Aug-2002)

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