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1126-11126-01 high-res image
Typical door to "Plus 15" system, leaving the hotel. In this case, you can see that you are facing West, and that the building this bridge leads to is "505 Third Street SW." The "Plus 15" system is similar to the Skyway (Skybridge? Skywalk?) system in Minneapolis, but it's open later on weekends. It stays open until 11:00 pm or Midnight, even on Sundays. Rumor has it that the city requires new construction downtown to link up to the Plus 15 system.
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 14:05)

1126-21126-02 high-res image
The sign says "No Further +15 Access." In other words, the building you're about to enter doesn't have another bridge leading to another building - you'll have to go out onto the street to navigate further. Very civilized, I think; and if you learn to recognize this sign, you can probably spot it before you make it all the way across the bridge.
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 14:06)

1126-31126-03 high-res image
I wasn't surprised to see a bilingual police car in Canada - but for it to be labeled in English and Chinese, that was a surprise. It turns out that Chinatown is only two blocks to the east (to the right, in this photo). I probably should have investigated further when I spotted the glyphs, but I was loaded down with a bug full of empty cardboard boxes.
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 14:33)

1126-41126-04 high-res image
The sign at The Metropolitan Centre says "Conversion 19 Welcomes The Canadian National Sci Fi Convention Aug 9-11 2002."
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 14:38)

1126-51126-05 high-res image
Syd Standen, Karen Sim. Karen is working on Syd's skin markings.
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 14:55)

1126-61126-06 high-res image
Shooters on ice. I ran into the guy who made these the day before, when he said he'd just finished pouring 200 (or was it 400?) individual servings of various kinds of flavored shots... His party over, he apparently donated them to the Note the plastic recycling bin. There's one of these in every hotel room, and they make excellent buckets for transporting ice. Con Suite.
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 14:56)

1126-07, 1126-08 high-res image.
Karen Sim, in her hall costume.
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 15:39)

1126-91126-09 high-res image
Mac's (with Subway), open 24 hours, 2 blocks from hotel. Mac's is similar to a 7-Eleven store - in fact, this store was first described to me as being a 7-Eleven. (Guess some people have difficulty telling the difference.) Subway sandwich franchises have been turning up in various kinds of convenience stores in California, including some gas stations. What the local (Calgary? Alberta-wide? don't know) operator of the Mac's stores has done, is put a Subway in every Mac's store - making freshly-assembled sandwiches available 24-hours at a consistently findable set of locations. We ate a lot of Subway sandwiches by the time we left for home, because it was convenient (and cheaper than the hotel).
(Saturday 10-Aug-2002 19:36)

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