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Thanks to Jason Sallay, Blake Rothwell for caption help on this page.

Fran Skene. Fran says to say "Hi" to the Glyers.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 16:57)

Con Suite at the Metropolitan Centre. Its hours were 5pm-2am Friday, 9am-2am Saturday, and 9am-5pm Sunday. There was also a Kids Room Hospitality Suite in the Met Centre, and the Con Suite in the hotel was open around the clock. Although I didn't know it yet, the gentlemen in the "vanilla ice cream" suit is Garth Spencer, one of the people I've hoped to photograph for the Fan Gallery. Gail Cooke sitting on far left; Blake Rothwell (Hawaiian shirt) and Derek France behind the bar.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 17:25)

1120-41120-04 high-res image
Blake Rothwell, in the Met Centre Con Suite.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 17:25)

Akiko Mingoth, Blake Rothwell. Drinks were available by donation. (Usual donation was C$1 for a pop and C$2 for bheer.) They also sold sandwiches for C$4, which is comparable to the prices at the Mac's/Subway up the street.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 17:27)

By this point, I've talked to the convention's hotel liaison, she's arranged for our party room on the party floor, and I've taken possession of it and started to redecorate. First step is to tip the bed up and against the walls.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 17:55)

1120-71120-07 high-res image
Doorway to the "Plus 15" bridge, at the second-floor level, from the Westin to the Metropolitan Centre. My best guess is that "Plus 15" refers to the height above the street -- in feet -- dating from when the system was started, in the 1970's, before Canada switched completely and irrevocably to metric.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 18:42)

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"Lacykitten" (Lacey Slaunwhite).
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 18:58)

1120-91120-09 high-res image
"Lunar Vixen" (Carolyn Sallay) and "Kit" on board.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 19:16)

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