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1119-11119-01 high-res image
This video dealer had his wares on display in front of his table, as well as on top of it. You can see the aisles aren't terribly wide - and I learned later that this year's arrangement was a vast improvement over last year's. I guess they don't have the same fire marshall approval system we have to deal with down here...
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 14:30)

1119-02 high-res image, 1119-03.
Tim Hammell.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 14:40)

They're setting up the art show. The room is supposed to open to the general membership at 6:00 pm Friday, so they're cutting it close but not too close.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 15:49)

Chapters and Indigo had the end of the island. Three tables? Four? Not sure, but they were covered with books.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 15:50)

1119-06 high-res image, 1119-07 high-res image, 1119-08 high-res image.
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing had the table directly opposite me. When I was bored, whiling away the time while Lynn napped, I snapped pictures of them. In the first shot, Kim Gammon is seated in the sleveless shirt, Brian Hades is standing in the white shirt, and Cheyenne Grewe has the black top and light brown hair.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 16:26)

1119-91119-09 high-res image
Kim Gammon, Brian Hades.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 16:27)

1119-101119-10 high-res image
Brian Hades, Cheyenne Grewe.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 16:27)

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