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Three men at a bus stop. One of them complimented me on my teddy bear ears.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:22)

1117-21117-31117-02, 1117-03.
The TD building. (TD=Toronto Dominion Bank.) A tall, funny-shaped blocky skyscraper.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:27)

Korean buffet restaurant, in downtown Calgary. 600 block of 8th Avenue. I learned on my last night in town that we were just two blocks away from Chinatown...
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:33)

For the price of a good hot meal, Randy here walked me all the way to Safeway. It was quite a hike, too; I walked back carrying bags of groceries (grapes, grape tomatoes, assorted cheese slices and assorted crakers, plus an assortment of candy bars) and my hands were quite sore from the bag straps by the time I got back to the hotel.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:42)

I'm in the Safeway supermarket at 8th St. and 11th Ave. A stranger in the grocery store, holding up a long-tailed beet.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:48)

Free samples of the grape tomatoes in the produce section.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:52)

Aroma Therapy and Packaged Dinners. An odd juxtaposition, I thought.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 12:17)

Elizabeth Carrillo, giving free samples of the Chinese take-out counter's Ginger Beef. (The sample I had was a lot better than the serving I purchased for lunch. But it was still edible... On our last night in Calgary we learned that our hotel was only 2 blocks from Chinaton. Oh well, maybe next time.) She's Scottish and her husband's from Spain, so naturally they moved to Canada. Their daughter has dark, olive skin. When Mom volunteered a lot at the kid's elementary school (and Mom was a blonde at that time), she heard a kid asking her daughter "how come you're so dark when you're mom's so fair?" (Or words to that effect.) Daughter's response: "Because I was born in Montreal!"
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 12:19)

Another lady, this one named Stephanie, cooking up some fish.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 12:23)

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