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1116-11116-21116-01, 1116-02.
We arrived at the coffee shop at 10:00 am, which is when we found out the breakfast buffet ended at 9:30. We ordered off of the menu. I had the Terrace Sampler: Taster Portion of French Toast, Stuffed with a Lemon-Poppy Seed and Marscarpone Cheese Filling; Fruit Ratatouille; Sampler Size Blueberry-Corn Pancake; Bavarian Sausage and Bacon; Fluffy Two Egg Omelette. I'd never had a pancake with corn it (which apparently is a Western, i.e. Western Canada, traditional dish), nor with blueberries. I don't think I will again, either; I prefer my pancakes to be of a smooth consistent texture.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 10:01a, 10:28a)

Lynn Baden having breakfast in the Terrace coffee shop.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 10:17)

Chaz Boston Baden holding a small jar of what is supposed to be Canadian maple syrup - but it seems to have arrived in Calgary by way of Salinas, California, having been repackaged there by Dickinson's.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 10:17)

We make our way over to the Metropolitan Centre, a small convention center facility across the street. There we find "Blaquehawque" (David Logan) and Tom Steele at the Registration Desk.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 10:48)

Unable to find the chair or hotel liaison at the convention centre, we head back to the hotel, and then we explore the city.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:07)

1116-71116-81116-07, 1116-08.
Courier bicycles, a common sight in downtown Calgary on a Friday morning.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:02a, 11:20a)

The steam grates in the sidewalk have metal footprints on them. Is that to tell you it's okay to walk on them?
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:08)

Kirstin Morrell says: "They're to give people wearing high heels a place to step on the grates. :) And, I'm sure, to signify that you can walk on them without threat of injury." (Jan-2007)

Downtown, about 5th or 6th Avenue, there were these towering sculpture things. This is the pedestrian mall next to "Bankers Hall." These "trees" were erected by Brookfield property management as a compromise with City Hall. They chopped down the real trees during the building of Bankers' Hall II (not visible in this photo), but did not want to replant them. City Hall demanded that they do. They decided they would rather build giant metal trees with lights than plant trees. City Hall said that would be acceptable.
(Friday 09-Aug-2002 11:19)

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