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We arrived at the convention hotel at about midnight, and checked in.

In The Westin Calgary, there's a sign board showing what events are booked into which rooms. Here, it's an electronic sign. (Which has the side effect that it doesn't show up well in a photo.) The message board said that the convention's Hospitality (i.e., Con Suite) would be in a Parlor, but didn't specify which parlor. The front desk thought it was going to be on the 17th floor, but there was nothing happening there. It turns out that it was the 12th floor. I also later learned that the convention's walk-through had been on Wednesday, not on Thursday or Friday, and not directly before the convention took possession of the space it was using.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:09)

The message board is next to a portion of the lobby with windows looking out onto the front drive.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:15)

These are the steps leading to most of the hotel's function space. I didn't find any ramp or elevator access; wonder what they do when a wheelchair convention comes to town?
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:10)

For the night before a convention was due to open, the place looked pretty empty. The hotel's printed schedule, which was at the front desk, didn't show a lot going on under the convention's name. There were other meetings going on the same weekend, though. Very odd...

1115-04, 1115-05 high-res image.
The ballroom area looked lovely... but why weren't there any signs posted by the convention? Were they going to do their entire setup on Friday? (Entirely possible.)
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:10)

There was some casual seating available in the halls of the ballroom area. This might be a nice place to have a convention...
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:11)

Here you can see in the mirror, steps up to the second floor. I was tired, I didn't explore further.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:17)

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