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Lynn and I went to Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. It was my third trip to Canada, and her first.

Parking at Orange County Airport's long-term Main Street lot costs $12/day. (Compare to $10/day at LAX and $6/day at ONT.) I took this picture so I'd remember where I parked the car. (If you're familiar with the car I usually drive, you can probably spot it in this photo.)
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 14:20)

And it's important to remember which shuttle bus stop you're nearest...
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 14:20)

Picture snapped at Orange County John Wayne Airport, a random shot to show that it's a working camera.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 14:41)

1114-41114-04 high-res image
At San Franciso, we had to trudge from the United terminal to the Air Canada terminal, and it's a long hike past out-of-service ticket counters and whatnot. This sign is a very simple and effective sign, serving primarily (in my opinion) to reassure passengers that they're trudging in the right direction.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 18:00)

1114-05, 1114-06, 1114-07.
Here's three ways of presenting the same information. I like the style they used (the first graphic). The other two versions represent other approaches I've seen proposed, including Filthy Pierre's 1984 con-running guide. (An aside: if this were a hotel, any "airlines" between the sign and the lobby, or the elevator, would not be listed...)
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002)

And then, we were in Calgary. This is just before you reach the first set of Customs and Immigrations inspectors.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 22:48)

We arrived at the convention hotel at about midnight, and checked in.

We wandered around the lobby for a little while, mostly looking for fannish-looking people. We didn't find any. This is the hotel bar, whose claim to fame is that the "Caeser" cocktail was invented here.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:21)

1114-101114-111114-10, 1114-11.
The hotel's coffee shop, set up for a breakfast buffet. We weren't able to find a sign showing us when it opened or what it costs, though.
(Thursday 08-Aug-2002 00:22)

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