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We went to Kansas City for ConQuest 33. Lynn and I represented the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid while we were there. I was also in charge of the Fan Gallery which was set up in the Art Show. And as I usually do, I took a lot of photos.

ConQuest 33 Registration desk. Becky Ricker (back turned) at left, Joyce Downing and Jill Kleinowski seated, Lynn Halama standing, someone else at right.
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(Friday 24-May-2002 16:02)

Suzette Haden Elgin, author of Native Tongue.
(Friday 24-May-2002)

Margene Bahm.
(Friday 24-May-2002)

Jim Murray, who was kind enough to drive me shopping on Friday, and loan me his car on Saturday.
(Friday 24-May-2002)

William McCullough, co-chair of the convention.
(Friday 24-May-2002)

The Bruce Exhibit I slapped together and displayed in the Art Show.
(Friday 24-May-2002)

R. Kelly Cutler
(Friday 24-May-2002)

Convention HQ. Douglas Triggs, John Platt, Sharlotte Hodina.
(Friday 24-May-2002 16:57)

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