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The invitations I sent out for my annual St. Patrick's Day party said "Are the Hobbits Irish?"

Lynn Baden, Jocelyn Baden. (Aka Mrs. Baden & Mrs. Baden.)
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 19:02)

Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 19:02)

Wil Baden.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 19:02)

Peggy Little.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 19:06)

Anne Morrel, Bill Ellern, holding a box of chocolate-covered Mickey Mouse pretzels.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 19:13)

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Dinner. Our parties are not "potluck parties" as such - on the invitations, I ask our guests to join us for dinner, and I make sure that we have something to feed them. Some of our guests, however, bring something delicious to share, bless their hearts.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 7:16-7:44 pm)

Glenn Glazer, Allison Hershey.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002 19:23)

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