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I drove to Las Vegas for a trade show and to visit some Vegrants. Alan White klindly offered me the use of his guest room. This is the guest room, which is covered in memorabilia and whatsits.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

1035-21035-02 high-res image
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

1035-31035-41035-03, 1035-04.
Alan White on the phone, arranging an impromptu get-together at Joyce and Arnie's.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

Dee Dee White, who cooked dinner for us.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

When we got to Joyce and Arnie's, Michael Bernstein of was there.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

Michael Bernstein, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

1035-81035-91035-08, 1035-09.
Roxanne Gibbs, Michael's SO, even brought a cake that said "Welcome Chaz."
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

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