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1031-11031-21031-01, 1031-02.
Maria Rodriguez at lunch, with a Diet Coke.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 13:30)

Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby, Kevin Gray, Jenn Gray.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 13:33)

The garden.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 13:50)

Three artists.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 13:57)

1031-71031-07 high-res image
Group photo shot at the end of the day. Aaron V., someone hiding behind Michael, Michael Reed, Colleen Crosby, Scott Martin, Shawn Crosby, Chris Butler, Tracy Butler, Jeff Bergdahl on the floor, Kim Bergdahl, Maria Rodriguez, Chaz Boston Baden.
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(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 15:18)

1031-81031-08 high-res image
The horizontal "elevator" track, taking us back to the parking garage.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 15:34)

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