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Thanks to Maria Rodriguez for caption help on this page.

We mustn't forget where we parked the car. So I took a picture of the location.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 10:12)

Maria Rodriguez.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 10:27)

1030-03, 1030-04, 1030-05 high-res image.
The traditional group photo. Standing in back: Tracy Butler, Kim Bergdahl, Aaron V. in suglasses (obscured in second photo), Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez, Colleen Crosby, Kevin Gray shading his eyes with his hand, Jennifer Gray in sunglasses, Monica Eiland, Jeff Bergdahl behind Monica (in first and third shot), Chaz Boston Baden (hiding behind Tapani in second photo, visible in last photo), Tapani Ronni in brown jacket. Down in front: Scott Martin, Chris Butler, Shawn Crosby, Michael Reed (standing at right in second shot).
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 11:05)

1030-61030-06 high-res image
Statue of a centaur.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 11:09)

(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 12:24)

The display cycled through a series of views, including monitoring some of the hidden cameras in the rest of the exhibit. I was trying to find some kind of brand name/model... I believe it was a Sony.
(Saturday 02-Feb-2002 12:24)

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