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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1017-11017-01 (lost: hammer34.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Scott Martin, at lunch.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 16:12)

1017-21017-02 (lost: hammer35.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 16:15)

Chaz Boston Baden, Shawn Crosby, in front of the NY Subway mural.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 16:15)

1017-41017-04 (lost: hammer37.jpg)
Colleen Crosby points to something over there.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 16:16)

1017-61017-06 (lost: hammer39.jpg)
Scott Martin experiences enlightenment.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002)

1017-71017-07 (lost: hammer40.jpg)
Colleen Crosby considers her next remark.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002)

1017-08 (lost: hammer41.jpg), 1017-09 (lost: hammer42.jpg).
Lynn Baden holds her cup.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002)

1017-101017-10 (lost: hammer43.jpg)
Another shot of that New York Subway mural. Maria and Shawn Crosby are visible in foreground right.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 16:18)

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