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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1014-01 (lost: hammer01.jpg), 1014-02 (lost: hammer02.jpg).
Parking under the building.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 11:35)

1014-31014-03 (lost: hammer06.jpg)
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 12:00)

1014-04 (lost: hammer03.jpg), 1014-05 (lost: hammer04.jpg), 1014-06 (lost: hammer05.jpg).
Art painted on the wall of the museum lobby.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 11:39)

1014-71014-07 (lost: hammer07.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, instigator of Culture Day.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002)

Group photo. Back row: Tapani Ronni with his arm around Monica Eiland, Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby, Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez. Front row: Chaz Boston Baden, Michael Reed, Scott Martin, Chris Butler.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 12:10)

1014-91014-09 (lost: hammer09.jpg)
Exploring Westwood. Scott Martin leads the way. Maria Rodriguez in front of Lynn at the rear, Chris Butler in grey slacks, Monica barely visible in the far background, Shawn Crosby with hands in pockets, Michael Reed carries his paperwork.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 14:36)

1014-101014-10 (lost: hammer10.jpg)
Chris Butler at left, Shawn Crosby, Maria Rodriguez in background, Michael Reed, Colleen, Lynn, Tapani, Monica in the back.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 14:36)

1014-111014-11 (lost: hammer11.jpg)
Colleen and Maria at left, Lynn Baden, Tapani Ronni hand in hand with Monica Eiland.
(Sunday 13-Jan-2002 14:36)

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