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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Craig Miller, Helen Simmins-McMillin, Jordan Brown for caption help on this page.

1011-11011-01 (lost: craig63.jpg)
Liz Mortensen is visible at the head of the line at left, Cathy Beckstead is at the right side of the table. Rob McMillin has filled his plate and is leaving the dining room, foreground right.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 21:21)

1011-21011-02 (lost: craig64.jpg)
Marina Stern in pink, Jerome Scott top center, John De Chancie looking down, Mary Jane Jewell in turquoise pants on left side of table; Cathy Beckstead in black, Sharon (Frisbie?) in purple on right.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 21:21)

1011-03 (lost: craig65.jpg), 1011-04.
Peggy Little with a Diet Coke, playing Scrabble with Lisa Greene in red.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 21:24)

1011-61011-06 (lost: craig68.jpg)
Larry (?) at foreground left, Peggy Little, Fuzzy Niven foreground middle, and Lisa Greene in red, playing Scrabble.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 21:25)

1011-51011-05 (lost: craig66.jpg)
Cat aloof from the game playing.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 21:24)

1011-07 (lost: craig72.jpg), 1011-08 (lost: craig73.jpg).
Jerome Scott, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 22:22)

1011-09 (lost: craig69.jpg), 1011-10 (lost: craig70.jpg).
The sign by the stopsign says "Lark Ellen Cir," while the sign by the white van says "Larke Ellen Cir."
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 22:18)

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