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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Craig Miller for caption help on this page.

Tub full of sodas. This must be Craigandgennycon...
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 18:03)

1007-02 (lost: craig25.jpg), 1007-03 (lost: craig26.jpg).
Craig Miller, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink, John De Chancie.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 6:05p, 6:13 pm)

1007-41007-04 (lost: craig27.jpg)
John De Chancie, Lynn Baden, Cathy Beckstead in foreground, Mike Donahue in background, Charles Matheny.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 18:13)

1007-51007-05 (lost: craig28.jpg)
Peter Edick in the doorway with Genny Dazzo, Mike Donahue talking to them, Charles Matheny.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 18:14)

1007-06 (lost: craig29.jpg), 1007-07 (lost: craig30.jpg).
Liz Mortensen.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 18:16)

1007-81007-08 (lost: craig31.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 18:17)

1007-91007-09 (lost: craig32.jpg)
Lynn Baden.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002)

1007-101007-10 (lost: craig33.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, your friendly photographer.
(Tuesday 01-Jan-2002 18:17)

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