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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0989-10989-01 (lost: food65.jpg)
Trinchero Family Estates: Kevyn Rizza gets a sample from Tom Russell.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-20989-02 (lost: food66.jpg)
Daily Grill: Top Sirloin Steak Sandwiches. Stacie French, Sefe Urena, Lissa Miller, serving Sylvia Navarro.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-30989-03 (lost: food67.jpg)
Lisa Schoenthal (in blue).
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-40989-04 (lost: food68.jpg)
Jonathan Ratter, David Rozansky, Traci Smith.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-50989-05 (lost: food69.jpg)
Stephanie Trammer (Critic's Choice).
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-100989-10 (lost: food70.jpg)
Stephanie Trammer, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-60989-06 (lost: food71.jpg)
H.T. Grill: setup shot. H.T.=Hennessey's Tavern. Steven Matthews, Bryan Matthews, Barbarella Dormio.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-70989-07 (lost: food72.jpg)
H.T. Grill: Steven Matthews, Bryan Matthews.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0989-80989-08 (lost: food73.jpg)
Paintings and other items in the silent auction.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

Sue Clymore (black pants) and John Kadow (light suit) at left, auction lady in white pants, two others at right.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

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