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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0987-10987-01 (lost: food44.jpg)
View from behind the scenes.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-20987-02 (lost: food45.jpg)
Misto: Karyn Lemieux.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-100987-10 (lost: food46.jpg)
A local concert promoter, who didn't tell me his name.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-30987-03 (lost: food47.jpg)
Aztec Rentals: Jim Sala.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-40987-04 high-res image
Al McKibbon Group. In no particular order: Al McKibbon, Benny Parks, Rob Kyle, Donald Vega on keyboard.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-50987-05 high-res image
Pasta Freak: Melanie Cervantes, Celena Liza.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-60987-06 (lost: food50.jpg)
H.T. Grill: Barbarella Dormio, Neely Hall.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-70987-07 (lost: food51.jpg)
Aliotta's Via Firenze: Michael Aliotta, Theresa Aliotta.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

Message received: "I love you Theresa and I think of all of you often!!!" --Luciana Miller (20-Sep-2002)

0987-80987-08 (lost: food52.jpg)
Crowd shot: (name withheld by request) and Eli Botek.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0987-90987-09 (lost: food53.jpg)
Leslie Sweet with wine glass.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

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