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I was asked to take photographs for a newspaper at a charity event, "For Our Children," in Torrance behind Little Company of Mary Hospital. I took about 7 dozen photos. Three of them were printed in the Easy Reader, 25-Apr-2002, page 29. This means I'm now a published freelance newspaper photographer (whoopee!). It also means that out of 9,000 digital photos that I've taken and uploaded to the Picture Gallery, three of them - one out of 3,000 - are worth paying for. (Who knew?)

"For Our Children" raises money for a bunch of different children's charities. Organized by Michael Franks and Robert Bell of Chez Melange. The Sandpipers, a women's service group, staffed the event.

0983-10983-01 (lost: food01.jpg)
View from outside, meat turning on spit at "Depot" booth.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-02 (lost: food04.jpg), 0983-03 (lost: food05.jpg).
Il Posto, serving up Involtini Di Melanzane. Max Massimo, Giuseppe Monaco
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-40983-04 (lost: food06.jpg)
Polonez: Pierogi with potato, chicken, mushrooms; Beef a la Stroganoff; Hunter Stew Audrey Fuhrer in yellow is served by Natasha Rylski.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-50983-05 (lost: food07.jpg)
Natasha Rylski, Stefan Suski, Selina Glinkowska.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-60983-06 (lost: food08.jpg)
Il Fornaio: Chicken Skewers with italian crepe with ricotta cheese and spinach. Tabitha Kenney, Massimo Luna, lady in yellow hat.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-70983-07 (lost: food09.jpg)
Sinath Yang, Tabitha Kenney.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-80983-08 (lost: food10.jpg)
Paradise Restaurant: Won Ton Salad and Chicken Satay. Harvey Kano, Veronica Pobekollmeyer.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-90983-09 (lost: food11.jpg)
Red Onion: Carne Asada Tacos. Isidro Castellon.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)

0983-100983-10 (lost: food12.jpg)
Chicken Madras: Chicken in Fenugreek Curry Sauce, Baighan-Bharta (charbroiled eggplant), Basmati Rice Pulao, Naan Bread, Picked Carrots, Mango Chutney. Served up by Addi Decosta.
(Sunday 21-Apr-2002)