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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0982-01 high-res image, 0982-02 high-res image, 0982-03.
Michael Mason (front left), Scott Beckstead, Christian B. McGuire, Edward Hooper, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Thursday 18-Apr-2002)

0982-40982-04 high-res image
Sam Haney shakes hands with Tadao Tomomatsu (Mr. Shake-Hands Man).
(Thursday 18-Apr-2002)

0982-05 high-res image, 0982-06 high-res image.
Christian B. McGuire.
(Thursday 18-Apr-2002)

0982-70982-07 high-res image
Sam Haney.
(Thursday 18-Apr-2002)

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