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Our luggage, on a borrowed cart. We're waiting at the elevator for our ride to the airport (Michael T. Pins) to come downstairs.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Seth Breidbart.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

0959-30959-40959-03, 0959-04.
Katie Clapham, reading on a couch.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Pat Larson, and the cart of luggage. Still patiently waiting.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

We made it to MSP. At the Minneapolis airport, Pat Larson waits with the bags in line at curbside check-in. Curbside check-in is your friend... Note that the rolling bag with the mauve pack on top isn't ours - our stuff starts with the brown suitcase and the red and white ice chest. We made this trip in March. In April, Northwest Airlines changed their rules - you're still allowed two free suitcases (or other pieces of luggage as seen here) and a small carry-on-sized bag, but you're no longer allowed to check your carry-on bag for free.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Shop at MSP: "Spirit of the Red Horse."
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

0959-80959-90959-08, 0959-09.
Minnesota moose store.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Gate-checked items, including Pat's wheelchair. Stuff that will be put just inside the cargo area, and will be the first things taken off the plane.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Q. What has the highest priority of any air cargo? A. Packages marked AOG: "Aircraft On Ground." This designates materials needed to get a grounded (disabled) airplane somewhere flying again.

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