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Michael T. Pins.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

0958-30958-03 high-res image
Sandra Childress, holding her Santa Cthulhu.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Fan Gallery teardown is about to begin.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

See these pink wrappers? They go around each stack of photos, to aid in handling them and in putting them back in the box in alphabetical sequence. They're 10"x17" pieces of paper. For teardown, you take a wrapper and take down all of the photos with last names starting with the letter(s) on the wrapper. Remove the binder clips and pile them on a chair, fold the captions back, stack them up and wrap them with the paper. Go to the next wrapper and repeat... meanwhile someone else is rounding up the piles of binder clips, and (eventually) someone picks up and packs up all of the pegboard hooks. It was fairly easy to divide up the labor to make the whole thing go very quickly.
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(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

0958-60958-06 high-res image
I had a number of helpers this time: Tammy Coxen, Dan Hasselius, and Peer Dudda. Also "Kumquat," not pictured.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

0958-70958-80958-07, 0958-08.
In about half an hour, the five of us had those panels stripped down and all 208 photos packed.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Dale Houston ("Kumquat") was one of my helpers.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

Tammy Coxen and Chaz Boston Baden. In the foreground you can see the cardboard box with the excess pictures that won't fit into the shipping case (which is underneath the box - you can see the handle extended).
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

And Joyce Scrivner, bless her heart, agreed to see the shipping case and box safely to UPS after the convention.
(Sunday 31-Mar-2002)

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