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Pictures recovered with help from Tim Frayser.

Thanks to Larry Sanderson, Colin Hinz for caption help on this page.

Orange County Airport, California (SNA).
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

0944-20944-02 high-res image
Soldier at Orange County Airport.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

0944-30944-03 high-res image
Pat Larson at the Moose Store in Minneapolis Airport.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

The Pile of Luggage at MSP.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

Dave Romm.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

Laura Jean Fish, Minicon 37 co-chair.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

0944-70944-07 high-res image
L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid Party. We managed to get checked in, go shopping, and open our party. Larry Sanderson is on the floor, looking either shifty, or tired, or both; Ctein on comfy chair holding a Coca-Cola, Riawa Smith holding a root beer, and Colin Hinz on the couch.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

The upstairs Con Suite/Bar. You had to go past the convention-supplied beer supply and go to the end of the hall to find our party.
(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

Someone leaning against the bar, Corwin Brust in background wearing grey shirt, Colin Hinz in black t-shirt, Guy Wicker in white pants, Shweta Narayan seated next to Guy.
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(Friday 29-Mar-2002)

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