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Garden Grove Historical Society. Tours 1:30 pm, Third Sunday of each month. Fannish point of interest: the late Outlander Society member Stan Woolston's "Lilliputian Press" (which was used to publish the 1950 Fan Directory) is housed here -- he donated it to them before he passed away in 2001.
(Friday 22-Mar-2002)

Marconi Automotive Museum for Kids.
(Saturday 23-Mar-2002)

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Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace. There are a great number of interesting and unique museums in the greater L.A. area.
(Thursday 21-Mar-2002)

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Orange County still produces oranges and orange juice. Here is the Donald Duck Orange Juice plant.
(Wednesday 20-Mar-2002)

California Avocados Headquarters.
(Tuesday 26-Mar-2002)

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Anaheim Harbor RV Park. There are still RV parks in Anaheim.
(Wednesday 20-Mar-2002)

The Best Thai Cuisine.

Sunny Smith - Surf, Skate, Snow.

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Beverages and More.

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Cameo Center. Note the Polish Deli, Arab market, Mongolian Barbecue, and donuts and pizza places.

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