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You name the cuisine, you can probably find it within a few miles of our site. This little shopping center ("American European Center"), or strip mall as they call them these days, has five restaurants: El Salvadorean, Italian, Thai, sushi, and soul food, a couple miles south of our site.
(Wednesday 20-Mar-2002)

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Royal Palace Indian & Mexican Cuisine.
(Thursday 21-Mar-2002)

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Manila Bay Restaurant, in Anaheim.
(Sunday 24-Mar-2002)

Luigi's D'Italia restaurant, in Anaheim.
(Friday 22-Mar-2002)

"Dutch Club Avio" in Anaheim, about a mile west of our site. Note that it's right next door to the Korean "Praise Mission Church."
(Friday 22-Mar-2002)

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India House Restaurant, about 2 miles west of our site.
(Friday 22-Mar-2002)

Next door to India House, you'll find a Pizza Hut, The Coffee Cue, Londondale Fish and Chips, Philly Cheese Steaks, a Chinese restaurant and an Italian restaurant.
(Friday 22-Mar-2002)

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Hansa House Family Buffet, in Anaheim. Walking distance from our hotels.
(Sunday 24-Mar-2002)

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Cafe Caesars. Greek food, I believe.
(Friday 22-Mar-2002)

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