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Thanks to Cathy Mullican for caption help on this page.

Jason Jaggi, and Cathy Mullican ("Menolly").
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

0900-30900-03 high-res image
Elisa Sheets.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

Karen Willson.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

0900-50900-05 high-res image
James Hay.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

0900-60900-06 high-res image
Darrel L. Exline.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

0900-70900-07 high-res image
Someone (Miss Hunt?) and Ahmad Abdel-Hameed, in the gaming room.
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(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

0900-80900-08 high-res image
Cathy Hunt, Laura Hunt. (?)
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

0900-90900-09 high-res image
James Jira.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2002)

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