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Jim Briggs.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

0884-02 high-res image, 0884-03.
Ed Green demonstrating new patch case for bid kit.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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"L.A. in 2006" Worldcon bid party. Fred Patten at left, Ed Green by table, Jim Briggs next to Ed, Ahmad Abdel-Hameed in the chair wearing a black shirt, Liz (obscured) behind him, Maria sitting on bed, Lynn Baden in red with apron.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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James Hay.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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Eric (the hotel's security guard) gets a tattoo from Maria Rodriguez.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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Keith Thompson.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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