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Snow falling at Pacific Buffet.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Pacific Buffet. The Art Show crew and friends went here for dinner, and I tagged along. Dinner came to $22 after tax and tip were included.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Pacific Buffet. The place has Chinese and Japanese food, plus eight flavors of ice cream and toppings. Erwin S. Strauss visible at left.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Message received: "Is this the same guy who put(s) out the sci fi con schedules and who publishes THE CONNECTION? I've just made a Google name search for him. Known him for many years when I was contributing to THE CONNECTION, but have never seen the man in person." --George Thomas Kysor (Yes, it's the same guy.)

George Flynn filling his plate at Pacific Buffet.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

0874-50874-05 high-res image
Pacific Buffet. Far side of the table, left to right: Kelly Persons in orange, Kurt Baty, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern, Erwin S. Strauss, Ann Broomhead. Near side, far left: George Flynn.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Pacific Buffet. Bonnie Atwood in mauve on left, next to he lady on the near side in mauve is Bonnie Atwood; across the table from her is someone at left, Ted Atwood in turquoise, and someone (Joni?) at right.
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(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Pacific Buffet. George Flynn, visible at left, Kurt Baty at right foreground.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

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Pacific Buffet. Kelly Persons in orange, Kurt Baty, and Joe Siclari.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Pacific Buffet. Joe Siclari obscured at left, Edie Stern, and Erwin S. Strauss.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

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