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The SCIFI Board of Directors voted to ship the Fan Gallery to Boskone 39 as a "thank-you" to Boston fandom for their role in the Fan Gallery's beginnings. I went to Boskone, to set it up and also to represent the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid. This page has photos of the Fan Gallery.

The Fan Gallery is ready to set up. We have pegboard, hardware, and the Fan Gallery shipping case.
(Friday 15-Feb-2002)

0856-02, 0856-03 high-res image.
Anja Baier helped set up the Fan Gallery. It took the two of us about 2 hours to set it up. We probably would have finished it sooner if we hadn't started out using two clips per picture instead of one.
(Friday 15-Feb-2002)

0856-04, 0856-05, 0856-06, 0856-08, 0856-07, 0856-12.
Fan Gallery at Boskone 39. We have 120 photos on four 4'x6' panels.
(Friday 15-Feb-2002)

Fan Gallery on Sunday, before I took down the photos.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

Fan Gallery torn down. As I removed the photos and put them in the case (foreground middle), Donewitz was taking the pegboard down around me.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

0856-110856-11 high-res image
Empty art show.
(Sunday 17-Feb-2002)

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